42 Change Makers Milestones: Our Success Story:

Over the years, we have spearheaded impactful initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to community development and youth empowerment. Below is a glimpse of our accomplishments: My Future in My Hands Mentorship Program (2012-2022): ● Equipped grade 8 and grade 12 students with examination strategies and college career readiness information. ● Set early expectations, leading to increased […]

42 CM Meeting with Community Leaders to Plan for International Democracy Day

One of the marvelous things about participatory community development is that it enables us to welcome and impactfully help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. 42 Changemakers team has learned that commitment, openness and willingness to extend yourself to encounter and know the other is all you need to make it happen. We […]

Why youth in rural Kakamega matter to us

  Like other parts of Kenya, youth in Kakamega County continue to bear the heaviest social, economic and political burden, play a minimal role as far as decision making processes and development issues are concerned. Over 55% of these youths face these challenges because of limited access to resources, healthcare, education, training, recreation, empowerment, employment […]

Hello World! 42 Change Makers Has a New Website! Have You Taken a Tour?

42 Change Makers was founded by Shaban Varajab who had a dream to create a platform that will equip underserved youth from diverse cultures in Kenya with tools, skills, connections, opportunities, mentorship and support to think creatively, create jobs, impact their communities and direct their futures. 42 Change Makers idea came from a series of […]