Team Members

Shaban Varajab

Founder|Technical Advisor|Team Leader

Shaban Varajab is the Founder and Team Leader of 42 Change Makers, a youth led non-profit organization dedicated to equipping underserved youth from diverse cultures in Kenya with tools, skills, connections, opportunities, mentorship and support to think creatively, create jobs, impact their communities and direct their futures.  42 Change Makers idea came from a series of community problem mapping meetings and interviews with youth in rural Kakamega. When you meet Shaban, he will tell you that his university and work experiences in Kenya and abroad (South Africa, Sri Lanka, USA and Philippines) helped him access invaluable experiences and knowledge and he wants to see more of the struggling Kenya youth exposed to the same opportunities and become resilient community change agents through 42 Change Makers. 

As a team leader, Shaban is responsible for leading 42 Changemakers team through community problem mapping, ideation, grant research, proposal writing (including development of project frameworks and evaluation plans to inform project implementation) and building external relationships. He provides advice and mentorship support to program teams and volunteers. Further, he supports board members in approving organization’s action plans, operational procedures, policies, and standards with a view to positioning the organization strategically for future success. Shaban works with board members to review project activity data, financial reports and other records in the organization system to determine progress and status in attaining objectives as well as revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions and trends.

Shaban holds a bachelors degree in Education (Mathematics and Economics) from Moi university in Eldoret Kenya and a masters degree in International Peace Studies (policy analysis and project evaluation) from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA.

You can learn more about Shaban’s story and his dream for 42 Change Makers here.

Hesbon Wangwe


Hesborn works with team to ensure that the organization operations are efficient and meets organization mission. He helps the team leader and board members to give organization global look. He works with the secretary to provide latest update on lates development, marketing, publicity, resource mobilization, project implementation and impact reporting.

Joel Shilingi


Joel is responsible for ensuring that office administration and operation runs smoothly.  He performs administration tasks, computer duties, process emails, schedule meetings, prepare project reports, provides data as needed, organize documents and maintain filing system. Joel works with technical advisor to plan and implement programs. He also ensures program and institution collaboration.

Jacklyne Abuti Amere


Jackline is responsible for financial management including budgeting, coordinating project funds and risk management related to financial activities. Forecasts the cash flow, makes necessary and sufficient arrangements to prevent the organization from financial crisis. She tracks budgets, contracts and reconcile expenditure reports.

George Ngai

Community Orgnanizer|Community Partner Liason

George is responsible for community and partner relationships, outreach and communication plan oversight, risk mitigation and community mobilization efforts. He encourages and stimulates community (especially the marginalized groups-young women and disabled persons) to organize actions aimed at solving their problems. He assists in community problem mapping and coordinating activities to ensure balanced programming that responds to the changing community needs. Lastly, he maps and provides community leaders and network leaders with information to get them motivated about 42 Change Makers activities. 

Caroline Tindi

Project Coordinator

Caroline is responsible for managing and overseeing projects. She helps the team to implement and stick to budgets. She assists community mobilizer in building community outreach efforts.

Mildred Lucia

Welfare Coordinator

Mildred is responsible for managing the charity efforts of the organization and guides the team to achieve its fundraising goals. She works with the board to develop outreach strategy and oversee fundraising events. Mildred helps the treasurer and technical advisor to plan, develop budgets and allocate funds in different areas. She provides updates on all focus areas when needed.