On Aug 9th, 2022, Kenyans went to the polls but, beneath their voting cards there was fear that their democratic right may end in bloody tumult as witnessed in 2007/08 and 2017. Because of this fear, on August 7th, 2022, 42 Change Makers came together with other voices in the country to ask Kenyans to SAY NO TO VIOLENCE and MAKE PEACE WIN.

We mobilized primary and high school student leaders, religious leaders, village elders, chief, assistant chief, women group leaders and media persons from Citizen TV Kenya for a press conference.

Why this campaign?

The end goal was to encourage Kenyans to come out and vote peacefully on August 9th, 2022. We are thankful to Citizen TV station for helping us reach out to over 10 million people in the country.  Follow this link for more information.


Our emphasis was on the value of PEACE in our nation. Here was the message:

PEACE means smooth COVID-19 recovery for our nation.

PEACE means our kids can go back to school and shape their dreams.

PEACE means we can go back to work, travel, attract investors and run our businesses which is good for our economic growth.

PEACE means the sick can access healthcare.

PEACE means we can continue enjoying the gains of devolution in our new constitution to engage our elected leaders, voice our issues and push for resource allocation.

PEACE means US for US.

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