One way of building a community for a resilient future is by exposing young people to experiential learning opportunities where they can connect class lessons and the outside world.

Nov 25th, 2022, primary and high school student leaders visited one of our 42 Change Makers‘ Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) sites to learn about food security and opportunities in agriculture.

Students and accompanying teachers, parents, youth and women farming groups, media representatives, county government leaders and local leaders toured different project stations, learned from 42 Change Makers members and agriculture professionals.

Different topics were covered for example, food map (from farm to the table and from the table back to the farm), poultry farming, vegetable gardening, seed selection, agroforestry, crop rotation, soil management, rainwater harvesting, solar irrigation systems, farmers market dynamics, farm record keeping , family and farming, post-secondary education and practical training pathways in agribusiness for young people.

Over 95% of the participating students reported increased awareness and interest in agriculture as a career. ” After this experience, I plan to engage in farming in future. I understand what crops to grow in what season and type of soil. I recommend that we start small gardens and poultry projects in our schools to get more students excited about farming, ” said one of the students. Another student said that she is now aware of the factors to consider before getting into Agri-entrepreneurship.

42 Change Makers team is grateful to The World Bank and Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project for their support. This project is one of the avenues for us to fix the underlying causes of intertribal violence in the country, the main ones being land ownership and lack of economic opportunity for our young people.

We are also thankful to Citizen TV Kenya for amplifying our work.

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