In a society where a majority of people are silent listeners or spectators, 42 Change Makers believes that media has a critical role in educating the public about active citizen participation to hold our elected leaders accountable.

Citizen TV Kenya joined the 42 Change Makers team to mark 2022 International Democracy Day to ensure that grassroot voices are heard on a national media platform.

The event that brought together over 50 participants (students, faith leaders, chiefs, assistant chiefs, women group leaders, youth group leaders and elected leaders and representatives from Citizen TV Kenya) helped the community to understand the value of creating an environment where grassroot voices have the power to determine who how they should be governed to resiliently face the economic, social and economic challenges presented by Covid 19 beyond the August 9th, 2022 elections in Kenya.

Through documentary show, poetry, speeches and press conferences, participants reflected on the following questions: (1) Where do we go from the Aug 9th, 2022 elections? (2) How do we bring grassroot voices and elected leaders around the same table to draw a framework for community development accountability?

42 Change Makers is thankful to Citizen TV Kenya for giving us the airtime to amplify our message on the importance of unity, citizen engagement, the space for youth in leadership and social auditing for sustainable peace and development. Because of you, we were able to reach over 10 million people in the country. For more information about our press conference, follow this link.

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