42 Change Makers was founded by Shaban Varajab who had a dream to create a platform that will equip underserved youth from diverse cultures in Kenya with tools, skills, connections, opportunities, mentorship and support to think creatively, create jobs, impact their communities and direct their futures.

42 Change Makers idea came from a series of community mapping meetings and interviews with marginalized youth in rural Kakamega, in Western Kenya which revealed the social, economic and political challenges youth faced despite their dreams, energy, creativity and enthusiasm. They were in dire need for a platform that would mobilize, organize and empower them to be active change agents in their country.

 Like many youths in Kenya, Shaban grew up in the depths of poverty. He was raised by his late beloved grandmother after the untimely death of his parents when he was just a young boy; 11 years old. There were countless nights where his stomach ached from the indescribable hurt that accompanies starvation. There were nights where his unprotected skin hurt due to a lack of adequate clothing. There were seasons where getting education presented insurmountable challenges because of a lack of financial resources.

Shaban Varajab, Founder and Team Leader of 42 Change Maker

When you meet Shaban he will tell you that his university and work experiences in Kenya and abroad helped him access invaluable experiences and knowledge and he wants to see more of the struggling Kenya youth exposed to the same opportunities and become resilient community change agents through 42 Change Makers.

We welcome you to learn more about 42 Change Makers from our website and social media platforms that will:

(1) Give you an insight of 42 Changemakers mission,

(2) Inspire you and other stakeholders to be catalyst of change in the world,

(3) Show you how their meaningful involvement can help move 42 Changemakers needle.


Please enjoy the journey and rise up to join our mission.


Website: www.42changemakers.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/42Changemakers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/42ChangeMakers

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/42Changemakers/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/42changemakers/

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