Case Studies

Why youth in rural Kakamega matter to us

Like other parts of Kenya, youth in Kakamega County continue to bear the heaviest social, economic and political burden, play a minimal role as far as decision making processes and development issues are concerned. Over 55% of these youths face these challenges because of limited access to resources, healthcare, education, training, recreation, empowerment, employment and economic opportunities. This is worse in rural areas where most youth are excluded from opportunities and the world. Youth in Kakamega form part of a vast resource but are often treated as a constituency that needs to be managed, instead of engaged and supported to play an influential role in their communities.


National Level

Total National Population 38.6M (2009 Census). 

Currently 45M.Total Youth Population 78% of National Population


Kakamega County

Total County Population: 1,659,579 (2009 Census). Expected to increase to 2,658,577 (2030) and 3.5M (2050)

46.7% of County Population are young people below 15yrs.

Education: Primary net enrolment is 96% and Secondary net enrolment is 52.1% (This means half are out of school, i.e 86, 959 Secondary school age are out of school). In addition, the difference between Primary and Secondary School net enrolment shows low transition rate to secondary school. This is an indicator that many dropout at primary school level) which poses a great risk to the society’s economic, social and political progress.

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