Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 2008, 42 Change Makers (42CM) is a registered Community Based Organization in Kakamega County with a mission to equip youth from diverse cultures with tools, skills, connections, opportunities, mentorship and support for their social change ideas to address community issues and effect the change they seek for the greater good of their communities.

42 Change Makers has a strategic road map (our power plan) that was informed by a range of activities, community problem mapping and exploration sessions to ensure that we are responsive to the issues pressing our youth and their community.  We used surveys, focus group discussions and interviews with community stakeholders including teachers, assistant chiefs, traditional leaders, church leaders, imams, business persons, community health workers, youth group and women group leaders. Data and insights from our past projects(insert link to reports) were used too. As a result, the following are the influencers that inform our work:

  1. The expanding number of underrepresented/at-risk youth in our community
  2. The increasing complex challenges that our youth face including crime, unemployment (insecure labor market), drug and substance abuse, sexual reproductive health related diseases, gaps between political leaders and youth, school dropout, digital divide, mental health/trauma due to Covid-19, lack of business support programs (credit, training, mentorship, incubation/coworking spaces & market networks) to support youth ideas
  3. The opportunity to partner with government, research institution (colleges and universities), donors, community organizations, businesses and other traditional leadership structures to support our initiatives.

Yes, you can. We love to work with people (volunteers, donors) and organizations that continue to support the work of empowering youth. Check out some of the ways that you can get involved(insert link)  and let us Work together. You can also write to us at

42 Change Makers is not a funding organization and therefore we are unable to assist any organization, project or individual financially. We however work with our sponsors to mobilize resources that can incubate social enterprises.

If you have any additional questions or require more information please visit different sections of our website, social media platform or contact us here